What Are The Benefits For My Practice?

“What added value is it going to give me and my practice?” “Does it save me time and make my life easier?” “Is it going to make my working day more enjoyable and efficient?” “Does Ardens help me to provide the best care I can to my patients?” “Can it both save & make my practice money?” Put simply, the answer is YES to all of the above. Ardens offers something to everyone. Please read below a short summary of what areas that Ardens can help you with. There are many beneftis for PCNs and benefits for CCGs and Federations as well. Want proof too? Find out more here.

1. Save Yourself The Hassle

“I can’t believe how much hassle it is doing our current templates, reports & forms.” A typical practice has someone spending on average at least a month per year building and updating templates, reports and forms on SystmOne. Ardens will take this hassle away so that you can get on with getting the real job done. We have a whole team dedicated to doing this for an ever growing number of practices across the country. You can have peace of mind that you’ll receive an extremely comprehensive, high quality and cost effective service from us. We are clinicians, so know what it’s like and will ensure that it seamlessly fits in with your workflow. Don’t worry about the clinical governance either. We also take responsibility for continuously reviewing, updating and maintaining the templates, reports and forms for you.

2. Save Yourself Valuable Time

“Where is that form? I can’t believe I’m wasting more time hunting for it again” Sound familiar? Ardens gives you everything you need at your fingertips, from symptom diaries to clinical scores, drug formularies to referral forms. Even just the End of Life Formulary can save Clinicians hours of time each month. By working more efficiently, your workforce can become more productive and cost effective.

3. Upskill Your Team

“If our HCA could do it, it would reduce my workload. They just need more support” The Ardens Pathways provide the support and structure for HCAs and Nurses to take on more responsibility. This can release valuable Doctor time by allowing the safe delegation of specific tasks to the rest of the team.

4. Keep Your Patients Safe

“How did we find ourselves in this situation? Surely we could have prevented this?” The Ardens Best Practice reports identify patients who need to be reviewed, for example patients on the combined pill with a history of a DVT. Going through these reports can help keep your patients safe and can prevent stressful, harmful & costly significant events. Prevent significant events occurring by going to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Best Practice.

5. Earn More From Enhanced Services

“We could have earned more this year…if the clinicians remembered to tick that box.” The Ardens templates have stars to make it easy to identify any fields that are required for contract payments. The monthly and quarterly reports then make submitting or reconciling payments effortless. Even if a clinician forgets to tick something, the Ardens Missed Income reports will flag this up to you, just go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Missed Income.

6. Make Things Simple

“Where is my Dictaphone again? Why is that letter not ready yet?” Ardens makes things like writing a letter or referral simple. The pre-set letters make writing a letter easy, without the need to reach for a Dictaphone or thinking how to say what you want eloquently. This not only makes your day more pleasurable, but also can reduce unnecessary administrative overheads. The ‘Med3 & Letters’ and ‘Communications’ templates are great examples of this.

7. Get An Outstanding CQC Report

“CQC are coming next month….Help!” We hear regularly from our practices around the country that during their CQC visit, the inspectors were seriously impressed with how they are using Ardens. Rather than practices having to complete lengthy CQC policies, practices are now simply referring to Ardens in their policies. For example, they are linking it to our Safeguarding FAQ on our website and making new staff watch our short training video as part of their induction. This has been well received by the inspectors. For further information, please see our ‘Top 10 Things To Show Your CQC Inspector’

8. Standardise Everything You Do

“Why does everyone do it differently? It would be much better if we all did it the same way” Ardens can help not only standardise the care that is provided by your Surgery, Federation and/or CCG, but it also standardises the way this care is recorded. This means that whoever the patient sees, they get the same high quality care. It also means that when it comes to reporting for payment & service evaluation, you get high quality & trustworthy reports too.

9. Providing Up-To-Date Best Practice

“I went on a great course recently, but can’t quite remember what they said” This is a frequent and irritating occurrence for some of us (particularly me). Ardens can give you that quick little reminder during a consultation whilst the patient is sat in front of you. This means that you can be confident that you are providing up-to-date best practice at the point of care. This might be from prescribing the 4th line anti-hypertensive treatment to the threshold for making a genetic referral for someone with a family history of breast cancer. We are in partnership with NB Hot Topics to ensure we provide current information on best practice to the highest standards too.

10. Increase Your QOF Income

“Could we? But we already achieve 100% on QOF though?” Whilst you may achieve 100% currently, what is it 100% of? The Ardens Manager QOF Dashboards help increase your disease prevalence and therefore can significantly increase your QOF income. A 7,000 patient practice recently increased their QOF Income by £4,500 with the Ardens QOF Health Check Reports. This covered the cost of Ardens outright on it’s own. Even if QOF goes, something will be sure to replace it, meaning you’ll always be making the most out of any available money.

The Proof

We are currently working with over 2,300 practice across the country and many PCNs and CCGs. You’ll not only get first class service before and during your trial, but also for every year thereafter that you use Ardens. We keep listening to you, so that we can address your priorities and offering solutions to make sure that Ardens suits your ever changing needs. This is why our practices keep coming back to us, giving us a 99.8% renewal rate from Year on Year. Our community of users are the backbone of our business and help make it the success which it has become. Whilst we can give you these great facts and tell you all the positive feedback that we have, external validation will always trump this. Find out what other people say about us:

  1. Ask Your Neighbouring Practices

Your neighbouring practices may be using Ardens already or know of someone who is. If you are not sure, please just ask us and we’ll let you know who is using Ardens near you.

  1. Check out the SystmOne forum

The SystmOne forum is a hub of both information & knowledge. Search ‘Ardens’ + include archived topics to see what is being said about us. To get to the forum on SystmOne, go to System > Forums.

  1. Join the SystmOne Facebook User Group ‘S1 FBUG’

This great group includes lots of SystmOne enthusiasts. If you’ve got any general SystmOne or IT queries, here is one of the best places to go to. Search in the group for ‘Ardens’ to find out what people having been talking about Ardens on.

  1. Join our own ‘Ardens Chat’ Facebook group

We use this to inform people of new updates & users can post questions and feedback too. Please feel free to join the group and post a question asking what our users really think about us.    

Try It For Yourself

The only way you will truly find out how good it can be is to sign up for our free trial and allow us to come and provide a demonstration at your surgery. You can then test it out yourself and put Ardens through its paces. Hopefully, you should arrive at the same conclusions as everyone else too.