Product Overview

Ardens is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution that is currently being used in over 5,000 GP practices. Ardens also provides it’s product and services to many different stakeholders and can offer many GP Practice benefitsPCN benefits and CCG benefits.


Standardised clinical templates offering national best practice guidance and accurate coding of clinical data covering many clinical areas to save time during consultations and ensure all clinicians whether they are GPs, nurse practitioners, pharmacists or paramedics are following the same national clinical guidelines. This includes multi-morbidity templates to assist with the management of complex patients with multiple medical conditions.


Searches and reporting based on national and local contract requirements to assist practices, PCNs, or CCGs with monitoring performance (both on an individual basis and aggregate reports across multiple sites). This includes Ardens Manager, our cloud-based analytics platform, that offers advanced reporting for individual practices, PCNs, and CCGs.

Clinical Safety

Clinical safety alerts and reports based on MHRA and NICE guidance that are updated regularly as new guidance is published. Practices that have had CQC inspections often receive “outstanding” ratings for clinical safety when our alerts and searches are installed.

Data Quality

Data quality reports and alerts warn clinicians when an incorrect diagnostic clinical code has been used. These are updated as national guidance or coding requirements change.

Locally Commissioned Services

Locally Commissioned Services module including templates and reporting to assist practices with recording data and complying with local contract specifications, with reporting to assist CCGs with monitoring performance & paying practices. (Ardens Plus and Pro)

Patient Recalls

Patient Recall System to help manage recalls for bloods tests, hospital tests, injections and procedures, and also long-term condition reviews. This includes a tracking system to ensure that recalls are not missed and reminders for reception when they are speaking to patients.

Referral Forms

Fully managed local referral forms (compatible with NHS e-Referrals) that auto-populate with relevant data from the clinical record. Forms are updated automatically to the latest version as they are published by the CCG. (Ardens Pro only)


Integrated links to local clinical pathways and guidelines accessible to allow quick access to these resources during consultations. (Ardens Pro only)

COVID-19 Resources

There are numerous resources to support users with the current pandemic. For further information, please see our COVID-19 Resources page

Free Trial

To find out more we offer a 3 month free trial on SystmOne and EMIS Web to practices so you can then test Ardens it out yourself and explore all of the benefits that Ardens can offer.