SystmOne Setup

Setting up and installing Ardens is nice and simple and just involves Ardens sending the GP practice two tasks on SystmOne. These tasks then just need to be actioned and then short 20 minute set-up procedure completed. Once installed, GP practices can continue using their own templates and reports if they wish, but can then start trialling Ardens alongside this.

For GP Practices Using SystmOne
Once the GP Practice has requested the trial, they will be emailed further information about the set-up procedure.

For GP Practices NOT currently using SystmOne
If a GP Practice is migrating to SystmOne from EMIS or Vision, the GP practice must inform Ardens of their ‘TPP Business Go Live’ day in advance. On this day, the GP Practice must then contact Ardens, and the set-up procedure can then be completed in the afternoon of ‘TPP Business Go Live’. This will mean that on the following day of ‘TPP Clinical Go Live’, the GP staff will all have access to Ardens

EMIS Web Setup

The setup process depends upon if your practice uses Resource Publisher or not. Further information about the setup will be given as appropriate once initial contact has been made.