Other Services

Ardens greatly assists working at scale by also providing services to GP practices as well as other services including GP Clinics & Hubs, Allied Health Care Professionals, Hospices, Out Of Hours and Walk-In-Centres.

GP Practices

Routine GP Services

Ardens supports all routine services run from a GP practice, including same day consultations, long term condition consultations and lots more.

Specialised Clinics

Ardens also supports any specialised clinics that run from within the GP Practice, including:

  • Dermatology Clinic
  • ENT Clinic
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Rheumatology Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Clinic

GP Other Allied Health Care Professionals

Ardens also supports all staff who work within the GP Practice with specialised resources, including those for:

  • Musculoskeletal Practitioners / Physiotherapists
  • Paramedics
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacist Technicians
  • Social Prescribers

If you provide a service from your GP Practice that we do not currently support, just let us know and we will ensure that you have all the templates and resources that your require. Please contact us for further details.

GP Hubs

Ardens can support GP Hub services, for example:

  • Leg Ulcer Hubs
  • Weekend Winter Triage Hubs

For further information about how we can support you to work at scale, please contact us.

GP Extended Services

For GP Extended Services using SystmOne or EMIS Web that offer more than just a GP Hub, for example PCN Hubs. Please contact us for further details.

Care Homes

Ardens can provide templates and resources for care home staff to use if the care home has its own SystmOne Unit. Please contact us for further details.

Community Services

Ardens can provide templates and resources for Community Services which are provided by organisations (other than GP practices) which have their own SystmOne Unit, for example Community Trusts.

Services: Resources for the following services can be provided; Audiology; Dermatology; District Nursing; Cardiology; ENT; Gynaecology; Health Visitors; Midwifery; Ophthalmology; Physiotherapy; Podiatry; Rheumatology; Respiratory; Sexual Health; Women’s Health.

For further information, please just Contact Us.


Ardens provides templates and reports for Hospices which can assist joined-up care between GP Practices and Hospices. Please contact us for further details.

Out Of Hours

There are numerous benefits of using Ardens in an Out Of Hours setting, particularly around the standardisation of best practice that is provided.

Please contact us for further details.


Ardens is currently used by over 60 Prisons across England. As Prisons are increasingly tasked with operating their Healthcare Departments to the same standards that GP Practices are upheld to, Ardens provides a perfect solution to ensure that the same latest evidence based guidelines are available to Prison Healthcare teams that are available to GP service colleagues. Prisons can benefit from all of the resources on Ardens including triage and long term condition management. This can ensure that standardised best practice is provided effectively and efficiently within the Prison healthcare setting.

Please contact us for further details.


There numerous benefits of using Ardens within Walk-in-Centres, particularly around triage and enabling standardised best practice to be delivered efficiently.

Please contact us for further details.

Ardens Connect

Ardens Connect is a referral capacity & demand solution. The concept is that rather than a GP saying to the patient “I am going to refer you to hospital”, the GP says “ I am going to connect you to specialist care ” This avoids the patient expectation of a referral & a hospital appointment, result in the potential inappropriate use of NHS resources. Instead, by “Connecting” with a specialist, this allows the provision of appropriate, efficient & cost effective specialist care including:

  • Advice Where a specialist provides advice to GP on further care
  • Telecare Where a specialist provides remote care to patient
  • Appointments Where a referral is made on eRS in an outpatient setting

Please contact us for further details.