Other Services


Ardens greatly assists working at scale by also providing services to EMIS practices as well as other SystmOne services including Ardens Connect, GP Clinics & Hubs, Allied Health Care Professionals, Hospices, Out Of Hours and Walk-In-Centres.



Ardens can provide EMIS solutions too. Some examples are included below but for further information please contact us directly.

Referral Forms
Ardens have worked with various service providers to produce EMIS & SystmOne referral forms which match each other. This has helped ensure that everyone is using the correct local and up-to-date referral form. If a CCG purchases Ardens Pro for their SystmOne practices and also have some EMIS practices too, Ardens can also provide EMIS versions too. Please contact us to discuss this further.

NHS Health Checks
Ardens are working in collaboration to provide templates & reports for the GP Pennine Alliance for their 6 EMIS practices and 20 SystmOne practices. This has provided benefits for working at scale as one central administrator now sends out invitations on behalf of all of the practices. The practices are then all using either an EMIS or SystmOne template which match each other. The combined reports that are subsequently generated from EMIS and SystmOne have helped ensure both accurate payment and evaluation of the NHS Health Checks that are provided.

Shotgun Licence Templates & Alerts
Ardens worked alongside the Wessex LMC, BMA and Home Office in order to produce EMIS and SystmOne templates, alerts and letters. This helped both EMIS and SystmOne practices across the South of England.

Ardens Connect

Ardens Connect is a referral capacity & demand solution. The concept is that rather than a GP saying to the patient “I am going to refer you to hospital”, the GP says “ I am going to connect you to specialist care ”

This avoids the patient expectation of a referral & a hospital appointment, result in the potential inappropriate use of NHS resources. Instead, by “Connecting” with a specialist, this allows the provision of appropriate, efficient & cost effective specialist care including:

  • Advice Where a specialist provides advice to GP on further care
  • Telecare Where a specialist provides remote care to patient
  • Appointments Where a referral is made on eRS in an outpatient setting

GP Specialised Clinics

Ardens will support any specialised clinics that are provided by GP practices. This includes specific templates and resources for clinics including:

  • Dermatology Clinic
  • ENT Clinic
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Rheumatology Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Clinic

This is all provided for no extra cost as part of all the Ardens packages. If you provide a specialist clinic that we do not currently support, just let us know and we will ensure that you have all the templates and resources that your require.

GP Hubs

Ardens can support GP Hub services, for example:

  • Extended Hour Hubs
  • Leg Ulcer Hubs
  • Weekend Winter Triage Hubs

If the GP practices are already subscribed to Ardens then no additional charges apply. For further information about how we can support you to work at scale, please contact us.

GP Other Allied Health Care Professionals

Ardens supports all staff who work within the GP Practice with templates & reports, including:

  • Community Mental Health Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Musculoskeletal Practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacist Technicians

This ensures that you capitalise on all the benefits that Allied Health Care Professionals can offer to Primary Care.


The Ardens provides templates and reports to hospices which can assist joined up care between GP Practices and Hospices.

A single one-off cost of £495 + VAT is charged which covers the set-up and face-to-face training. There is no further additional annual licence fee.

Out Of Hours

There are numerous benefits of using Ardens, particularly around the standardisation of best practice that is provided. The pricing model is as for GP Practices but is per contact / appointment, rather than list size.

Ardens Starter   3p per contact / appointment + £495 set-up fee (+VAT)
Ardens Plus         3.5p per contact / appointment + £495 set-up fee (+VAT)
Ardens Pro           5p per contact / appointment + £995 set-up fee (+VAT)


Similar to Out Of Hours, there are numerous benefits of using Ardens, particularly around the standardisation of best practice that is provided. The pricing model is as for GP Practices but is per contact / appointment, rather than list size.

Ardens Starter   3p per contact / appointment + £495 set-up fee (+VAT)
Ardens Plus         3.5p per contact / appointment + £495 set-up fee (+VAT)
Ardens Pro           5p per contact / appointment + £995 set-up fee (+VAT)