Ardens enjoys working with like minded companies who strive to help clinicians in their every day working lives. Below are a couple of our current partners.



NB Medical Education are the well respected leaders in providing the ‘Hot Topics’ GP Update Course. We both share the same passion for Primary Care and as working practitioners, we are dedicated to helping busy GPs, Nurses, HCAs and Trainees provide best practice, both easily and efficiently.

If you open up any of the leaflet templates on Ardens, you will see a link to the NB Hot Topics template where you can view your NB Course Book, see any recent Hot Topics and book your next NB Hot Topics course


Take the stress out of your next appraisal by switching to FourteenFish. They’ve designed their Appraisal Toolkit and Learning Diary to make it easier to work on your appraisal throughout the year instead of the usual last minute rush. FourteenFish are popular with appraisers too due to their easy-to-use system and excellent support.

You can now seamlessly add CPD from the Ardens Support Desk to your FourteenFish appraisal. Just click the ‘Add to Learning Diary’ button on the right hand side of the page.