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Ardens have published questionnaires for online consultations on the TPP Airmid App. Ardens have been working with SystmOne to provide these online consultations for free for all SystmOne users. Our new and fresh approach to these questionnaires include the following features which we believe are key to delivering successful online consultations.

✓ Patient Friendly – The online consultation starts with providing the patient with a simple questionnaire that safely gathers information in an easy and succinct fashion in approximately 10 well-structured questions. This avoids the well known frustration as a patient in wading through too many questions and then ending up being told to phone 111 instead.

✓ SNOMED-CT Coding – Once submitted, the GP practice is notified on SystmOne via a task and the questionnaire is then integrated seamlessly within the patient’s record including automatic SNOMED-CT coding. This can then form part of the clinician’s existing workflows.

✓ Clinician Friendly – Clinicians will be all too familiar with wading through reams of questions with yes/no answers for a single online consultation and struggling to identify what the patient’s problem actually is. Due to how we have structured the questionnaire, the patient’s problem is displayed in an easily digestible format so the appropriate clinical decision can be made effectively and efficiently.


✓ Advice, report & sick note requests
✓ Allergy problems
✓ Back & neck problems
✓ Breast problem
✓ Chest & breathing problems
✓ Ear problems
✓ Eye problems
✓ General problems
✓ Headaches
✓ Joint, muscle & bone problems
✓ Men’s health problems
✓ Mental health problems
✓ Nose & sinus problems
✓ Skin, nail & hair problems
✓ Stomach & bowel problems
✓ Throat & mouth problems
✓ Urinary problems
✓ Women’s health problem

With SystmOne’s fantastic track record of making healthcare technology work at scale and with Ardens’ wealth of clinical expertise, we believe that we have produced the first free and fully integrated online consultation solution that will provide many benefits to both patients and clinicians.

Key Features

✓ 18 Questionnaires
 Automatic SNOMED-CT coding
✓ Customisable settings
✓ Patient friendly
✓ GP Practice friendly
✓ Triage, signposting
✓ Simple NHS Login

Other Airmid Features

✓ Appointment management
✓ Direct communication
✓ Medical record access
✓ Medication ordering
✓ Notifications
✓ Video consultations
✓ Patient support