QOF Health Check

Increase your QOF income

The QOF Health Check Reports identify patients who may have not had a diagnosis coded correctly for QOF. This means that they never enter on to your QOF register (eg asthma, diabetes, etc), resulting in lost income. By increasing the prevalence of a disease at your surgery, you increase the amount of money per QOF point that you receive. This therefore results in a greater QOF income for your practice for this year and every year after (that QOF exists for!)

Current practices who are using this are increasing their income by £3,000 a year and more

Examples of reports

“On Insulin” but no “Diabetes”
“Home BP >135/85” but no “Hypertension”
“H/O Atrial Fibrillation” but no “Atrial fibrillation”
“Coronary artery graft” but no “Coronary artery disease”
“On diuretic & BNP >100” but no “Heart failure”


1. Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Missed Income > QOF
2. Select all the reports and then run them (press F5 after 5 seconds  to refresh the screen)
3. Right click each report > Show Patients > Right click to open up a patient’s record
4. For the ‘?Cancer as Histology’ report, right click > breakdown > breakdown by read code > then view record
5. Check the patient’s journal & medication to ensure that they are appropriate for that QOF register
6. To add the correct diagnosis read code, go to Autoconsultations > Ardens Contracts > QOF
7. Remember to back date the read code to the date of actual diagnosis

Video Demonstration

TIP: Don’t forget to set up the Ardens QOF Alerts correctly, see SET UP for further details
TIP: Going through some of these reports is quick whilst others take a bit more time, but they’ll all increase your income
TIP: To easily check a patients record,  go to Tabbed Journal > Show Everything > Type in search box for ‘Atrial fibrillation’
TIP: Use the SystmOne QOF tools to target your QOF income too (Reporting > QOF Indicators)