Return on Investment

How Ardens can easily increase your practice income by £5,000+ annually:

Estimation for 8,000 patient practice


1. QOF Income

The QOF Health Check reports can increase your disease prevalence which has helped some practices increase their QOF income by more than £3,000. This often covers the cost of Ardens outright on it’s own. Please keep reading for other great ways that Ardens can provide you with a significant return on your investment.

2. Enhanced Services Income

The ‘!!’ icons under the patients name easily reminds your staff to ensure that any ES income is not missed. There are also some ES reports to find any lost income. Please see our support article here for information on how to find these.

3. Clinical Costs – 1

Ardens gives clinical staff everything they need at their fingertips, from symptom diaries to clinical scores, drug formularies to referral forms. Even just the End of Life Formulary can save Clinicians hours of time each month. By working more efficiently, your workforce can become more productive and cost effective.

4. Clinical Costs – 2

The Ardens templates provide the support and structure for HCAs and Nurses to take on more responsibility, thus reducing expensive Doctor time that is sometimes spent on everyday tasks. An example is the pathway templates. To look at these, go to autoconsultation > ardens Pathways.

5. Significant Events Costs

The Best Practice reports can prevent significant events which can be very stressful, time consuming & costly to your practice. Please see our support article here for information on how to find these.

6. Administrative Costs

Updating and maintaining templates, reports, referral forms and address books is incredibly time consuming. It is calculated that each practice has someone spending on average at least two weeks per year performing these tasks. Ardens can relieve you of all of these costs and can provide templates, reports and forms of a much higher standard.

7. Secretarial Costs

The pre-set letters on Ardens can significantly reduce secretarial costs. In some practices their secretaries who are changing jobs or are retiring are not being replaced. To find some of these letters click on the ‘Med3 & Letters’ template which can be found on all consultation templates.

8. CQC Costs

Completing CQC documentation is time consuming and costly. Practices are now simply referring to Ardens in their CQC documentation, for example to the Safeguarding or Resuscitation Management templates. This makes the CQC process simpler for practices, who can also be reassured that all of these resources are automatically kept up to date by Ardens on their behalf.

9. Receptionist Costs

The receptionist template increases front desk efficiency and thus reduces costs and overheads. To find the template go to autoconsultations > ardens Nurses HCAs Other > Receptionist. Add this template to the toolbar for quick access too.