Training can be provided at GP Practice, Locality, CCG or User Group level.
The following number of training days are provided annually for each practice/group:

1x Practice Training Day (2 days if >15,000 patients) 1st year only 
1x Locality Training Day (for each locality)
2x CCG Training Days
2x User Group Training  Days

Additional training sessions can be provided and are charged at £295 + VAT
Please see our online support desk for lots of useful articles, FAQs & updates too. Please note that it is the responsibility of the practice or group to arrange the venue.

Practice Training

One face-to-face training session at each practice is included for free when you sign up for Ardens either during your trial or later if you wish. For practices with a list size of over 15,000 patients, an additional training session can be provided for free. If we have a contract with your CCG, we will also provide additional locality or CCG based sessions.

Additional training sessions are charged at £295 + VAT. We will happily provide these for free if you invite other practices who might be interested in Ardens.

Please ensure your staff have this booked in their rota, to ensure everyone attends on the day. Please also have a computer with SystmOne installed in the room that you would like the training to take place in, along with a projector or large TV if you wish to use one.

Suggested timings:
11:00-11:45 Reception + Admin Team
12:00-12:45 Nurses + HCAs
13:00-13:45 GP + ANP Training
14:00-14:30 Practice Manager + Data Quality Team

Locality Training

Providing training for localities and groups of 3-5 practices at a time can be a very effective way of delivering training. This allows people to attend another session if they miss one due to work commitments or leave. It also gives them the opportunity to return for further training if needed and to collaborate with their neighbouring practices.

If Ardens Pro is purchased by a large group, one training session is provided per locality each year. Additional sessions are charged at £295 + VAT.

Suggested timings:
10:00-10:45  Reception + Admin Team
11:00-11:45  Nurses + HCAs
12:00-12:45  GP + ANP Beginners
13:00-13:45  GP + ANP Advanced

CCG Meetings & Training

With Ardens Pro, a good working relationship between Ardens and the CCG is essential to ensure that the product is localised appropriately and that the CCG maximise from all the benefits that Ardens can offer.

We recommend that we attend a CCG meeting twice a year.  This will be first to sit down beforehand with a select number of CCG team so that we can ensure that we address any issues or requirements that you may have. This can help ensure that we support the CCGs strategy and give it every chance of success.

We can then provide training to the CCG team, to ensure that they are familiar with everything available on Ardens. After this, we will provide an update and training to all the GP practices. This day would ideally take place therefore on one of your scheduled CCG GP Practice Meetings.

Suggested timings:
10:00-11:00 Meeting with CCG team (e.g. Project Managers & Clinical Leads)
11:30-12:30 Training for the CCG team
13:00-13:30 Training for GP practices as part of a CCG-Wide Event

User Group Meetings & Training

A User Group provides a great forum to discuss IT issues, share knowledge and cascade learning. After this meeting, we will also provide further training for GP practices if needed.

Ardens can attend these meetings twice a year and can also dial-in for other meetings if requested too. Additional sessions are charged at £295 + VAT.

Suggested timings:
09:00-10:30 User Group Meeting
11:00-11:45 Reception + Admin Team
12:00-12:45 Nurses + HCAs
13:00-13:45 GP + ANP Beginners
14:00-14:45 GP + ANP Advanced