National Updates
Ardens will update and maintain the product as per the Warranties below and in the Terms & Conditions and the Clinical Governance Process. Ardens will provide regular email Updates & Meeting Packs to GP Practices on any significant new national updates on Ardens.

Local Updates
It is the responsibility of the CCG to notify Ardens with any local updates. This may include changes to any of the local formularies, pathways or referral services. When the CCG provides email updates to its GP practices on any new local services, contracts or formulary matters, it is to include supporting information on how they can find this information on Ardens. This will require the CCG communicating with Ardens beforehand so that Ardens can make any changes where needed.

Support Desk
Ardens provides a simple mechanism for users to access the Support Desk via a link on the top right of the templates. A helpdesk is also provided Monday to Friday, 08:30-18:30 (excluding bank holidays).

Ardens provides a simple mechanism for users to give feedback and access support via a link on the top right of the templates, which directs users to the Ardens Support Desk.

Feedback can easily be given via the Support Desk above. If any user feedback is related specifically to matters concerning the CCG, Ardens will include the CCG in any responses

Ardens will respond to any feeback and requests within a reasonable time frame. If any feedback or a request is deemed clinically urgent by Ardens, an initial response will be made within 4 hours and a fix will be made within 8 hours (excluding issues which are outside of Ardens control). For all other feedback and requests, a result will be delivered within 1-4weeks, depending upon the complexity and volume of work required.