Key Performance Indicators

Ardens can be evaluated in three main ways:

  • Service Delivery Indicators
  • Service Outcome Reports
  • Service User Surveys


Service Delivery Indicators

Serious Incidents
i. Notified or acknowledged within 4hrs of occurrence
ii. Resolved within 2 working days of occurrence
Example: Practices not being able to access Ardens

i. Acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt
ii. Response within 20 working days of receipt
Example: Complaint about training received

If you would like to make a complaint, please complete our online form.

Urgent Change Request, Updates & Issues
i. Completed within 5 working days of request
Example: Incorrect details on referral form

Non-Urgent Change Request, Updates & Issues
i. Completed within 20 working days of request unless negotiated on a case by case basis.
Example: New local referral form or formulary needs adding

User Status Reports
i. Activation status & Training status are available as live reports on the Ardens Client Portal.

N.B. As many Ardens EMIS Web practices do not have resource publisher, any new or updated resources need to be deployed and installed by our team to each practice individually so can not occur simultaneously with the corresponding SystmOne resources (which can be published to all practices automatically in one go).

Service Outcome Reports

It is not possible to provide analytics on the exact number of times a template has been used. It is possible though to look at activity reports before and after the implementation of Ardens, which will hopefully show a positive correlation. These reports can also be visualised on the Ardens Manager Services Dashboard.

Example reports can include:

  • Number of asthma care plans recorded before and after
  • Number of COPD inhaler reviews recorded before and after
  • Number of diabetic target HbA1c’s recorded before and after


Service User Surveys

An online survey is a great mechanism to get direct feedback from users. This can provide a invaluable insight as to how Ardens is used.

Click here to complete our most recent Ardens Service User Survey.

Example survey questions can include:

  • How often do you use Ardens?
  • Who in your practice uses Ardens the most/least?
  • Does Ardens help improve practice efficiency?
  • Does Ardens help standardise care?
  • Does Ardens help support best practice?
  • How did you find the face to face training?
  • How did you find the customer support and online resources?
  • What do you like the most about Ardens?
  • What do you like the least & what could be improved?