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We are excited to announce that our latest development, Ardens Manager, is now available and is included for free as part of Ardens Starter, Plus and Pro for both SystmOne and EMIS Web practices.

Ardens Manager is a separate, cloud-based software which aims to assist organisations with the administrative burden of service level contracts and clinical reporting. Ardens Manager will enable your organisation to be rid of complex confusing and time-consuming spreadsheets and directly focus on efficient delivery of care.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a dashboard on Ardens Manager where practices can routinely upload their COVID-19 reports to monitor activity, assign work to do and demonstrate progress.

PCNs and CCGs can also access their own aggregated dashboard to analyse high quality, up-to-date primary care COVID-19 data at scale.

This will help ensure that patients, and especially high risk patients, are managed as effectively as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Service Management

Using Ardens reports built on SystmOne and EMIS Web, practices can upload data onto Ardens Manager where they can be filtered and sorted to identify trends and areas which need attention.

We have also identified and categorised key areas of service management for general practice and supported each with a clinical policy and / or procedure.

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Contract Management

We have observed the complexities surrounding contract management. These complexities can cause many issues for all parties involved.

Ardens Manager has been created to simplify the process. It acts as one platform to bridge the gap between CCGs and GP Practices.

Our solution provides benefits for a variety of roles within a CCG such as the Commissioning Manager, Contract Manager, Finance Manager as well as within a practice from Practice Managers to Clinicians.

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QOF Dashboard

The QOF Dashboard allows GP Practices and PCNs to visualise their QOF activity and ensure QOF income is maximised through the following reports;

QOF Indicator Reports: Identify the number of patients that you need to review to ensure that you reach the threshold to achieve maximum points and income.

QOF Register Reports: Identify potential coding errors, increase disease prevalence and maximise your QOF point value. (SystmOne only)

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The Meetings module on Ardens Manager allows practices and teams to effectively organise and manage meetings. This includes everything from creating meetings to drafting agendas, as well as recording meetings and using integrated video conferencing.

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Ardens Manager is available for free to all Ardens users. If you are not currently using Ardens for SystmOne or EMIS Web, please Contact Us.


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