Ardens for SystmOne & EMIS Web

Did you know that CCGs, federations and groups can provide both your EMIS Web and SystmOne practices with one clinical solution with many benefits for all stakeholders?

We are pleased to announce that QMasters has formally merged with Ardens to become Ardens EMIS Web. From 1st April, Ardens will be working as a single organisation to provide a great solution for both SystmOne and EMIS Web practices.


All the templates created by Ardens not only help standardise the care that is provided by your practices but they also standardises the way that this care is recorded. Our templates also give clinical easy access to the latest evidence-based resources such as NICE and CKS guidance.

This not only helps save time during consultations but also ensures that patients are kept safe with alerts that work alongside our templates to warn clinicians when an incorrect diagnostic clinical code has been used.

Example of SystmOne asthma template – more information.

Example of EMIS Web diabetes template – more information.


Referral Forms

With the help of our support team, we will take away the stress of maintaining and managing your local referral forms which are designed to auto-populate with relevant data from the clinical record.

Example of SystmOne 2ww template – more information.

Example of EMIS Web diabetes referrals – more information.



As Ardens enable read coded data to be easily captured at the point of care, the subsequent reports that can be generated for service evaluation are both accurate and trustworthy. These reports may include diagnostic, prescribing or referral activity and are interactive and intuitive. This can provide significant benefits for Commissioners.

Example of SystmOne cardiovascular reports – more information.

Example of EMIS Web frailty reports – more information.




Local Contracts

Ardens simplifies the contract process for both GP practices and CCGs which includes a summary of all current CCG contracts with links to the full contract if needed. This helps CCGs to assist practices with monitoring performance.

Example of an SystmOne contracts and LES template – more information.

Example of EMIS Web Contracts and LCS templatesmore information.


Chronic Disease Prevalence Reporting

Ardens offers advanced reporting to help practices improve their chronic disease prevalence without increasing practice workload. This helps CCGs plan future services as decisions can be made based on accurate data from their member practices.

Improving practice prevalence should also help improve the success of CCG bids for national funding as high prevalence data will improve the strength of funding applications compared to other CCGs. There is also a financial benefit to GP practices (through increased QOF payments) which has no effect on local budgets.

More information on chronic disease prevalence reporting with SystmOne.

More information on chronic disease prevalence reporting with EMIS Web .