Patient Safety Alert – Replica Template Warning


It has come to our attention that Ardens SystmOne templates are being directly copied and re-branded by a different company in the UK for GP practices to use.

Ardens has a strict clinical governance process and substantial insurance policies to ensure patient safety is maintained and to safeguard clinicians and practices. As frontline GPs ourselves, we take these issues of patient and clinician safety very seriously.

We believe that this potentially unauthorised and fraudulent copying of our templates poses a direct risk to patient safety. If Ardens templates are copied, altered and published there is the considerable risk that such a breach will result in a practice using the templates without a clear governance process and herein lies the risk to patient safety.

There is also the on-going concern that these replica templates are not then maintained and as a result, the templates will not thereby be subject to Ardens’ clinical governance process. This means that templates may contain incorrect guidance and inaccurate codes, which could cause patient harm, put clinicians at risk and potentially result in an expensive recall process.

We are concerned that some of the replica templates may potentially still contain traces of the Ardens brand that they have been copied from. We, therefore, have a duty to protect our users from copied replicas of our product that could put their clinicians and patients at risk.

To reduce the risk to patient safety, we ask that practices and individuals:
• Never copy and amend Ardens templates and resources
• If you have a development request, please just Contact Us with your suggestion
• Always ensure the Ardens logo is in the top right of every template
• Click on ‘Information’ at the bottom of templates to check the ‘Availability’ is from Ardens
• If you are concerned that our content is being copied or have any questions, please Contact Us