Our Commitment To You


At Ardens, we are committed to providing a top class service for our practices and users. We specifically focus on delivering you a valuable, comprehensive, localised and user-friendly product at a low price. This is all supported by our fantastically dedicated & enthusiastic team.

Dr Robert Arden Greville-Heygate




As the leading service provider of SystmOne and EMIS Web templates and reports, we are certain that you will love everything that Ardens has to offer. Currently, we proudly help over 1,700 practices across England, making thousands of healthcare workers’ lives easier and less stressful through the use of our templates and reports in everyday practice.

Ardens will help you deliver best practice in a standardised way, ensuring that practices are working at an optimum efficiency and ultimately improving patient care and satisfaction. We also provide features which will benefit Managers and Commissioners by indicating how savings and income can be maximised whilst promoting patient safety.

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At Ardens we are confident that we offer the best clinical support tool at the most competitive price. As GPs ourselves, we understand the financial pressures that the NHS healthcare services face and have structured our pricing accordingly so that we can adhere to all your needs whilst always remaining affordable to the ordinary GP surgery.

Ardens offer a Starter, Plus and Pro Package which vary from 15p to 25p per patient as an annual licence fee (plus a small one-off set-up fee). This means that in comparison to other add-on services which range between 25p and £1.90 (e.g. Prescribing, Referral & eConsultation services), Ardens is not only cheaper but we believe that it provides you with a lot more for your money too.

In addition to this, you can be reassured about the stability of the Ardens licence fee. As with any business we review the licence fee along with our operational costs annually. Despite seeing a rapid growth in both our sales and costs in the past few years, we at Ardens have not had to raise our licence fees in four years.

We cannot see any need to increase the cost of the licence fee in the future too. As we are GPs ourselves and are surrounded by local practices who are our customers, but also our colleagues and friends, our intention is to keep our price the same for them and for all our other customers too.

We will however continually develop Ardens and offer you more features whilst maintaining and updating current features too, giving you more for your money year on year. We are absolutely confident that no other NHS business can match us either on price or ethical pricing policy.


With the face-to-face training that our great Product Specialists provide, we hope that you find Ardens really easy and intuitive to use. However, we understand that sometimes it may be difficult to find exactly what you need or have specific questions when using our service.

At Ardens, we are proud to offer a fantastic Support Desk who are committed to delivering fast and helpful answers to any query you may have. The support desk operates on weekdays from 8:30am – 6:30pm and we also have an on-call phone to support services who are using Ardens to deliver care outside of these hours.

Ardens also have key service delivery indicators that we follow. This lets you know what you can expect from our support team whilst allowing us to maintain and evaluate a high quality, responsive service which will continually strive to support and cater for all your needs.