CQC Benefits

We regularly hear from GP practices that CQC inspectors are impressed with Ardens.
This is because Ardens provides a system to ensure best practice is delivered safely.

Practices now regularly refer to Ardens within their CQC documents & policies.
For example, they are linking their safeguarding policy to our Safeguarding Training video. Practices are then ensuring new staff watch it during their induction, which is then recorded.

Below is a Summary followed by the ‘Top 10 Things To Show Your CQC Inspector’.


Ardens enables standardised best practice to be delivered safely.
This can be within GP practices and across Federations, CCGs and STPs.

This is achieved by a comprehensive set of templates, reports and alerts on SystmOne.
This is based upon national & local guidelines & is integrated into the practice’s workflows.
This means that whoever the patient sees, they get the same high quality care.

Ardens also enables read coded data to be easily captured at the point of care.
This results in activity reports which are both accurate and trustworthy.
This is essential for ongoing service evaluation, refinement and improvement.

Ardens Clinical Governance Policy ensures that all content remains accurate & trustworthy.
Users feedback is simple to submit & is always dealt in an appropriate & timely fashion.

Below are a few ways which Ardens can assist and support CQC activity.

1. Safeguarding

The safeguarding resources on Ardens include:
• Templates to ensure activity is accurately recorded
• Alerts to notify the practice team accordingly
• A comprehensive set of reports to identify at risk patients
• Prompts for a co-habittee risk assessment during relevant consultations
• Easily accessible Safeguarding contact details & referrals forms
• Online training videos which can be used for practice meetings or staff induction.

2. Up-to Date Prescribing

Ardens formularies are integrated into the clinician’s workflow.
The formularies include guidelines, pre-set doses and safety prompts.
This allows clinicians to confidently provide up-to-date best practice at the point of care.

Examples of this include:
• Selecting the correct 1st line antibiotic & dose for a chest infection
• Selecting the correct 3rd line anti-hypertensive treatment.

3. High Risk Drug Monitoring

Ardens facilitates high risk drug monitoring in a variety of ways including:
• Alerts for patients that are on specific medications such as a DMARD on repeat
• Easily accessible templates with the appropriate monitoring criteria & thresholds on
• Pre-set reminder letters to ensure patients attend for the appropriate tests.
• Pop-Up Alerts for any overdue blood tests

For further information, please see here

4. Referrals & Safety Netting

Ardens ensure that referral criteria are easily available during a consultation.
This is essential for 2 week wait referrals but also for others including Prior Approvals.
The ‘Safety Net Letter’ can also be quickly printed out during the consultation for patients.
This helps avoid significant events occurring due to administration & booking problems.

5. Managing Sepsis + Resuscitation

The Ardens Sepsis resources are easily accessible in multiple places throughout Ardens.
This ensures that sepsis remains at the forefront of clinician’s mind during consultations.
The templates also ensure the appropriate assessment & management occurs if needed.

In a resuscitation scenario, the Ardens template can be easily accessed in one click.
The template will then ensure the correct pathway is followed and that activity is recorded.
The quick print-out also ensures care is effectively handed over to the Ambulance Service.

6. Working Effectively & Efficiently

Ardens gives you everything you need at your fingertips.
This is from diaries to scores, formularies to referrals forms, leaflets to letters.
Ardens can significantly optimise workflows, improve efficiency & reduce overhead costs.
The End of Life Formulary & Death Documentation resources are great examples of this.

7. An Upskilled Workforce

Ardens Pathways provide support for HCAs & Nurses to take on more responsibility.
This can release valuable Doctor time by allowing the safe delegation of specific tasks.
The pathways facilitate efficient joined up care & effective handover between staff.
This enables the upskilling of HCAs & Nurses, whilst ensuring patient safety is maintained.

8. Long Term Condition Management

The Long Term Condition resources greatly facilitate standardised best practice.
The resources ensure that correct appointment is booked and the right tests are done.
This makes the whole process more efficient and effective.
For further information, please see our LTC Resources

9. Promotion of Self Care

Ardens achieves this by enabling simple access to care plans & online questionnaires.
This empowers patients to take ownership over their care.
This can remove the need for patients booking appointments like asthma reviews.
The ‘Who See’s What?’ template also allows receptionists to easily triage patients too.

10. Safety Reports

Ardens Reports identify at risk patients who may need their current medications reviewed. Using these reports will keep your patients’ safe and can prevent significant events.

Some examples of these reports include:
• Identifying patients who should be on a statin or ACE inhibitor
• Identifying patients on the Combined Contraceptive Pill who have a UK MEC Score of 3 or 4
• Identifying patients with a previous gastric ulcer on an NSAID without gastric protection

If a Significant Event does occur, Ardens ensures that the correct process is followed.