Ardens Manager | Service Management


Using Ardens reports built on SystmOne and EMIS Web, practices can upload data onto Ardens Manager where they can be filtered and sorted to identify trends and areas which need attention.

✓ Dashboards
A comprehensive array of reporting dashboards to present your clinical analytics at many levels.

✓ Benchmarking
Practices can benchmark this data to analyse performance levels in comparison to other practices. CCGs can either benchmark the practices within their group or benchmark their CCG against others.

✓ Tasking
Organisations can assign reports to staff to monitor progress and ensure work gets done.


✓ Safety Alerts
Identify prescribing and disease-specific patient safety alerts for simplified risk management and assign tasks to individuals to ensure work is completed.

✓ Case Finders
Identify patients who are not coded correctly to ensure they are on the correct disease register so that they are subsequently reviewed and managed correctly.

✓ Performance Indicators
Track performance over time, benchmark your practice and set targets to drive and sustain high-level care.


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