Ardens Manager | Contract Management


We have observed the complexities surrounding contract management. These complexities can cause many issues for all parties involved.

Ardens Manager has been created to simplify the process. It acts as one platform to bridge the gap between CCGs and GP Practices, allowing contracts to effectively and efficiently drive best practice. This means that Ardens is now the first true end-to-end solution for Primary Care.

Ardens Manager provides a solution for a variety of roles with a CCG such as the Commissioning Manager, Contract Manager, Finance Manager as well as within a practice from Practice Managers to Clinicians.

End-to-End Solution

The end-to-end solution provided Ardens Manager allows organisations to:

✓ Contract services effectively
From drafting to electronic signing, and from submitting data to reconciling payments.

✓ Assist delivery seamlessly
Based on the latest guidelines that are integrated within clinicians everyday workflows.

✓ Record activity correctly
Done at the point of care according to the latest SNOMED-CT criteria.

✓ Submit data accurately
At an organisation level which can be interrogated and questioned at a patient level.

✓ Analyse performance at scale
For business intelligence, service evaluation and future service planning.

Contract Process

Ardens Manager deals with the whole process of Contract Management, starting with drafting and reviewing contracts, to signing contracts and submitting data for payment.

✓ Draft Contract
Draft your contract based upon accurate practice data using three different payment frameworks, which allows you to work within a set budget.

✓ Review Contracts
Avoid back-and-forth emails by making your contracts available for for review by your providers using inline comments.

✓ Sign Contracts
Replace printing and scanning with electronic signatures.

✓ Active Contracts
Save time by allowing practices to effortlessly upload their data and to manage and reconcile all payments on Ardens Manager

CCG Benefits

There are benefits for numerous different CCG staff members, including Commissioning Managers, Contract Managers and Finance Managers.

Commissioning Manager

✓ Current data
Be rid of complex spreadsheets & commission services based on current accurate data.

✓ Benchmark Practices
Identify any practice variation through integrated benchmarking.

✓ Incentivise Care
Use specific payment frameworks and bonus payments to incentivise high-level care.

Contract Manager

✓ Collaborative Working
Delegate, discuss & monitor contracts before inviting providers to comment and ask questions inline with the contract.

✓ Electronic Signatures
Replace printing, scanning & chasing with digital signatures.

✓ Complete Process
Draft, Review and Active contract stages with due dates & version history.

Finance Manager

✓ Payment Frameworks
Three payment frameworks to choose from to cater for all types of contracts.

✓ Budget Planning
Avoid going over budget with predicted payments based on previous data.

✓ Record Payment
A single statement to record payments & reconciliation.

Practice Benefits

There are numerous benefits also for GP practices, including GPs, nurses, HCAs, Practice Managers and data administrative teams.

GPs, Nurses & HCAs

✓ Clear Templates
Intuitive templates with clear indicators of payment fields.

✓ Deliver Best Practice
Standardised templates based on local and national guidelines.

✓ Accurate Coding
Read coded data which is easily captured at the point of care.

Practice Manager

✓ Assign Work
Quickly assign work to do to the appropriate person.

✓ Ensure Payment
Receive payments on time & mark when they have been reconciled.

✓ Submit Data
Effortlessly submit data for contracts directly from SystmOne or EMIS Web.